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Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox is the owner of UltraTechnology and author of the web site below. UltraTechnology was the company formed in 1990 to make the F21 and later VLSI Parallel Forth chips. F21 prototypes were made but the chip was never made in quantity and UltraTechnology was out of business by 2002. The site remains for educational and history purposes and has an updated web log.

Jeff was the first employee and 'cool software developer' at iTV, a company formed by Chuck Moore to make Internet appliances using one of his Forth chips. Later Jeff was Director of Software at iTV and helped develop 4OS and the email and web browser appliance software. iTV never produced chips in volume or sold any Internet appliances.

At UltraTechnology and for other companies Jeff has worked on parallel processing extensions for Forth and AI software. Today Jeff is Vice President and Director of Software Development at the IntellaSys Corporation working on Scalable Embedded Arrays.

When not working Jeff might be found in the air, on one of the racetracks in California, or giving a lecture somewhere. Jeff got his first degree black belt in Aikido in 1971 and fifth degree black belt in 1995.

To the surprise of everyone, Jeff passed away much too early at the age of 62 in the 2011. Rest in peace Jeff, unless they have some cool processors where you are, in which case code up a nice Forth system for them.


HOMEPAGE: http://www.ultratechnology.com/

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