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I am the real Mike Buttrick from England, and I see my name being used in vain. Who is this foreign interloper?

Mike is a mutt. He is not English. He may speak English, but he certainly isn't a citizen of the people's republic of china, which isn't even a real republic. In conclusion, don't get chinese food from England, it will only taste like bad idealist politics and dog food.

Homework Womps the Donkey

My name is S Master Sweat. I am Mike. I like to make stuff and fix stuff. I also like to do some stuff too. I just like stuff. I go to UMass, Amherst, where I go to class and stay up entirely too late and go to riots, just like people who go to UMAss should. I am learning alot here, including how to throw burning toilet paper out of windows. Next semester we'll learn that it is best to save toilet paper, because sometimes they run out here. Better to throw burning furniture out the windows. Or burning people.

Mike Mike Mike! Likes to Hike Hike Hike! and ride his Bike Bike Bike! and bowl lots of Strike Strike Strikes!

Eric T is one of the most excelent drivers I know and everyone should trust his driving [if you are under the influence of stupidity.] Eric is probably a much better driver then any asian or person with HHH at the end of there name. I may not be the best driver but I have improved, no accidents and no tickets.

I HEART MIKE!!! you can drive me anywhere ;-)


mike has cool away messages.......like the one with the different sized letters!!

mike buttrick is the man!

I'm in love with Mike Buttrick ;)


mike's room = the best dance party location of all time

To certain looney rythm... MIKE MIKE! MIKE MIKE! MIKE! MIKE! MIKE MIKE!

My name is Mike, and pretty soon when I drive by you'll have to plug your ears, because my cah will be wicked loud. PISSAH!-------mike's car is pretty sweet

Mike has the sickest dance moves i have ever seen

Mike is pretty fly for a white guy


Marry me Mike!

Mike, you talk too much...i agree, me too

Aww. -Mike

Mike is super cool but my car is louder and more pimp than his! Come on, you just can't compete with the batmobile baby!

I want to come meet Hector!!! (and see Mike, of course!)

Mike is wicked awesome because he's driving all the way to Ithaca to visit me!...and sleep in all all girls dorm...and see Jon Stewart...Hmm, I wonder what his real motivations are?? ;)

My name is Mike also... and I wish Mike was my lover because Mike buttrick is the man!

I heart Mike Buttrick!!!-from you know who ;)

Hey Mike!!! Isn't it sorta sketchy that you have no idea who this is???!!! Hehehe.

Coops arn't the everlasting prompt. tag!

Mikey thinks he's SO funny messing with other people's wikis...well just wait my friend, JUST WAIT! muwahahah


^ boooooo :-(

^ yay :-)

^ no, boo


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