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  <p>edit &quot;~page_name~&quot; below.</p>


    <li>The first line is the page title.</li>

    <li>Separate your paragraphs by at least one blank line.</li>

    <li>To have a &amp;lt; in your text, enter &amp;lt;&amp;lt;.</li>

    <li>To <a href=&quot;make_a_link&quot;>make a link</a> put &amp;lt;l and &amp;lt;&amp;gt; around the wiki page name or web address_thumb. Like this: &amp;lt;lmy page&amp;lt;&amp;gt; NOTE: that's a lowercase ELL</li>

    <li>To learn about other things you can do please see <a href=&quot;wiki_syntax&quot;>wiki syntax</a><br />
    <br /></li>

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