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wiki syntax

Try out what you learn here in the sandbox.

The first line is the page title.

Separate your paragraphs by a blank line.


You can add style information, links, bulleted lists and more with tags.

A tag starts with < ("less than" sign) followed by a single character that determines the tag's meaning. For example, to make a Headline you would enter <H. Then (as with most tags) you would enter the end tag: <> to mark the end of your headline. So here's our complete example:

<HBig Headline!<>

It will look like this:

Big Headline!

Unlike html/xml/sgml all tags use the same end tag <> (unless of course they don't have an end tag.)

inline tags

These tags can be used anywhere in your paragraphs:

block-level tags

The following can only apear at the begining of the line:

See examples and try these tags out in the sandbox.

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