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colorforth is an operating system written by Chuck Moore which runs on some x86 PCs. There are various ports so that you can run it under x86 GNU/Linux, Windows, bochs, and some PCs that don't run the original version.

Links to information about colorforth

colorforth channel IRC chatroom dedicated to colorforth.


colorforth mailing list: http://www.strangegizmo.com/forth/ColorForth/

colorforth programs and some ports: http://www.dnd.utwente.nl/~tim/colorforth/

More ports: http://personalwebs.oakland.edu/~maslicke/colorforth/

how to run colorforth under bochs

If you have trouble getting colorforth to run on your computer, drop by the colorforth channel (off topic please.)

There is a lot of great information about colorforth and Chuck Moore on Jeff Fox's website.

See Also:

Chuck Moore

herkforth (a colorforth-like system for PPC)


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