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Games of All Sorts!

Brett Constantine says:

Games give me endless hours of amusement with my friends. Right now my two favorites are "Amun-Re" and "The Settlers of Catan." However, I am known for nearly always being up for a game! Card games, board games, internet games, a few video games, sports, mind games, party games, word games, number games: You name it, and I'll probably want to play it! See my gaming profile at http://www.boardgamegeek.com/user/Galion

Game Nights

Sporadic Game Nights occur in the area, and in friends' homes.

Online Games


http://www.gamesnake.com Wow! A place where anyone can list pick-up games, or search for games in their area, what a great idea this is! Join! I did, and my nickname is Galion if you would be so kind as to refer me.

http://www.ipickupsports.com Pickup Sports is a mobile and web application that allows people to create and join pickup games in the local area. Pickup Sports has won the grand prize for Snapcic's "Move Your App" Challenge. Pickup Sports is available on iPhone, Android and WebOS.

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