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Brett Constantine

I live in Northampton, Massachusetts, U.S.A.. This page is a little out-dated, but most of it is still very accurate though incomplete. In 2011 I became a father!! You can read more about the first two years here: http://thebabymakesfour.blogspot.com. More current images and notes are at http://jennyboas.blogspot.com.

I love to juggle, stilt-walk (thanks to Simply Circus), play games of all sorts including competitive Scrabble, hike, and help people learn stuff. Music has also always been a common theme in my life. I am a worker-owner of the Pedal People Cooperative, so I bicycle around town, getting paid to haul trash, recycling and compost! I have worked for schools teaching math, helping out, and running an after-school program. I've also taught juggling at Simply Circus and several festivals! Visit my outdated juggling web site: http://BrettTheJuggler.com!

Oh, yes, and biking! I love to ride my bicycle almost as much as my unicycle--or is it the other way around? Yes, it is definitely the other way around. It is far more difficult to arrive at an unexpected and unknown location miles from nowhere while riding a unicycle, although possibly only because Dan Buttrick does not ride a unicycle. I am sure if he did, he would figure out a way to put us in an unexpected and unknown location miles from nowhere while riding our unicycles!

If you are at all interested in reading the tales of my bike travels describing my solo bicycle tours--one of the Northeast, and one to North Carolina, check them out. You may also want to read the blog that Jenny Boas and I kept in the summer of 2010 as we pedaled our tandem recumbent bicycle across the United States! http://PlayAlways.blogspot.com That's another great thing about this wiki: one can edit it from a simple web browser, on just about any computer, including public terminals at libraries all across the country. Feel free to join in and create your own page, or edit someone else's! It's so easy! If you like, you can thank Jason Woofenden, who hosts this wiki.

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