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Jason's Game Night (This is no longer active. Boo hoo hoo. -Jim)

Every Tuesday night starting at 8pm we play card games and board games at Jason Woofenden's house. Contact Jason Woofenden if you're interested.

Here's some games we've played:

Who Goes?

Jim DuBois, Jason Woofenden (obviously...), Trevor, Yanis, Chris, Anna

See Also

Tons of info on games: http://BoardGameGeek.com

one-dimentional Go rules: http://www.onelang.com/encyclopedia/index.php/Alak_%28board_game%29

Some neat games you can play without special bits: http://www.tomgale.com/galegames/galegames.htm

Northampton (more stuff to do around here, including another game night)

Rules for card games: http://www.pagat.com/

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