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Jason Woofenden


Life is such a beautiful adventure! Such a rich variety of experiences, from flying on somebody's shoulder in a contact improv jam, to sitting quietly in a tree watching the world go by, to puzzling out the details of some computer software invention, to diving into cold water, to long conversations inquiring into our fears, judgments, attitudes, nature and purpose.

I've been reading and listening to to lots of material that I could lump under the heading Practical Spirituality. I've been enjoying Byron Katie, The Power of Now, The Celestine Prophecy, Conversations With God, Out Of Your Mind (lecture series) by Allan Watts, whatever else comes my way. They bring up laughter, curiosity, tears, thoughts, wonderment, interest, excitement, and I watch as my life unfolds with ever more joy and peace.

Money has been coming into my life through my freelance computer work. I work on websites, doing everything from design to databases to hosting. More about that on my business site: http://jasonwoof.com/.

I've got loads of geekery on this wiki:

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