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Josh Grams (aka tathi)

Bit of a programmer, main interests are low-level stuff at the moment, though there are other things I'd love to experiment with once I have a basic computing environment that I'm happy with.

I've spent (wasted?) quite a lot of time fooling around with the design of Forth systems. I've written many partial/experimental forth systems of my own, ported IsForth to PPC Linux, and disassembled the 11/05 colorForth binary to somewhat commented assembly language source code for nasm. I'm also fairly familiar with the guts of RetroForth and have done some digging through the source for gforth and FICL.

So...basically I've spent a lot of time messing about with fringe systems, but am more and more coming to appreciate the merits of the standard. I'm currently (2006-12-08) working on a vi clone under gforth. My long-term goal is to have a Forth OS for my G4, and I feel that having a decent editor is a necessary prerequisite.

My other main interest at the moment is farming: my family has always had a substantial garden, has been raising all of our own poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks) since 2003, and put in a small high tunnel (greenhouse) in October 2005. From August 14th to November 30th (2006) I was doing an internship at Butternut Valley Organics up in New York state. They have chickens for meat and eggs, dairy goats (Saanens), and a 10 acre market garden.

I feel that farming (like computers) provides a neverending challenge to get things just right; and it certainly keeps you in good shape. And of course you get food that's better than anything you can buy. So the current plan is to try and get enough money together to start a small farm of my own.

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