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If your question is not answered here, just add your question, and someone will put the answer in.

Q: How do I make a link?

A: type <l (that's a lowercase L ) then the name of the page, then <> like this: <lmy page<>

Q: How do you add a page?

A: First edit an existing page and create a link to your page. Then follow the link.

Q: How long do the new pages stay on the web?

A: Indefinitely (or until someone deletes them.) Jason Woofenden runs a full backup of the pages regularly just in case someone thinks it'd be fun to delete/deface a bunch of useful pages.

Q: Why let everyone edit pages?

A: 1) It's fun. 2) It is a good way to create a valuable collection of knowledge and make it very accessible to people.

Q: Don't you worry about someone coming through and wrecking or deleting a bunch of pages?

A: No. 1) It doesn't happen much. 2) It is easy to restore the deleted/defaced pages.

Someday this wiki will have a feature where you can click to see and restore old versions of pages (including deleted pages) and restore them yourself. You can contact Jason Woofenden if you'd like to encourage him to add this feature soon.

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