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I am Ben Rifkin

Ben is an outdoorsman, guide, excellent cook, and maker of things from metal. He enjoys doing things that really pump the blood and boost the adrenaline! - Dan Buttrick

Ben's company is enjoyed by those who desire a no-nonsense way of viewing the world, and who are always peering around corners looking for adventures. I would love to learn from him, and always live life to its fullest. - Brett Constantine

Ben is an awesome guy, and I'm lucky to know him. He also is one of the coolest...and has great stories! From the llama treks that he's led, to his avalanche rescue work, he's got some exciting adventures to share with all of us. Oh, and did I mention that his campfire baconeggs are the best? :) I can't wait to go hiking/camping again in October!!! - Darleen Bryan

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