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I am Dan Buttrick

Go to http://www.dan.buttrick.org to see my totally outdated website.

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I let things slide on this wiki lately, but now I'm back, following the bike travels of Brett Constantine! Brett is one of the funnest, craziest people I know, and I wish him luck, spreading fun and craziness along the east coast!

Check out my roommate Erik's page Erik Bray

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See Dan's writings

I don't program at all, but I am working on my masters in Environmental Engineering. My research consists exclusively of water quality modeling, which means that it is not uncommon to find me staring endlessly at endless FORTRAN programs, trying to figure them out.

(four months later) I would like to report that, after staring endlessly at an endless FORTRAN program, I figured it out, and then added an additional little something all by myself.

(Two years later) Dan...you need to update your page!!! :) -Darleen

(Dan's a great dude. He is an avid bike enthusiast and he has ridden the Pan Mass Challenge (http://pmc.org)for several years, raising money for cancer research and treatment. He always has a smile for friends, and he is always coming up with some crazy scheme, often involving him and me ending up in some place we don't know on our bicycles. ~Brett Constantine)

Fairly recently (well, ok, maybe a long time ago) Brett Constantine and I ended up in some place we don't know on our bicycles. We rode 102.3 miles from Amherst, MA where I reside, up to Keene, NH, across to Brattleboro, VT, and down to Amherst again. Upon return, Brett collapsed in the grass. I was physically OK, but when I went out for dinner and mini-golf with my girlfriend Darleen and our friends Pat, Katie, and Jon afterwards, I had a hard time remembering my name while I repeatedly got lost in the restaurant.

Read about Brett's solo bike travels, which are infinitely excellent.

Congratulations to Darleen who won Best Blueberry Pie and Best Overall Pie at the 19th annual Hubbardston Hoot! We, along with Pat and Katie and some other people, also won the Mingo Hunt!

This is Mike. I have to say, Dan is the man. I think so, and so does everyone else. Dan is wicked cool/funny/the man.

I have an excellent girlfriend (now fiance!) Darleen and an excellent friend Pat and two excellent brothers Jake and Mike Buttrick and excellent parents named Mom and Dad and an excellent cubie-mate Ashmita and an excellent dog and two excellent cats, though the cats are in different locations. Also, don't forget my excellent friend and old roommate Brett, who now lives in New Hampshire!

Hi...this is Darleen, Dan's girlfriend/fiance - and I think Dan is excellent too! He is constantly making me laugh, and even when it takes me three minutes to get the joke, he's at least making my roommates laugh! -Darleen

Hi, this is Dan's mom and I think Dan is excellent, too!

Ben Rifkin, another excellent friend of mine, is always leading amazing, wacky adventures. Check out his llama site! http://ben.rifkin.home.comcast.net/ * * *

Brett Constantine, Darleen, and I all triumphed in the 21st annual Greenfield Triathlon! Not to say that we were triumphant, but we all did well and felt really really good!

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Hi! This is Pat Reed, Dan's little brothers friend, I don't really know how I got to this page, but I figured as long as I was here I'd leave a message along the lines of "Hi! This is Pat Reed, Mike's little brothers friend, I don't really know how I got to this page, but I figured as long as I was here I'd leave a message." Best wishes Dan.

Awww, thanks Pat.

Greetings, this is Ben Rifkin. We met on the first day of middle school in homeroom where we built mini hovercrafts. Since then we have been on many wacky adventures including but not limited to - making smores on the Plymouth's engine block while driving around town, spending an entire afternoon trying to throw with our off hand, and flipping a canoe in the Shawsheen river while trying to paddle under the Rt 62 bridge after a storm raised the water level about five feet. Several adventures await us (and those who would like to join us) but I am not at liberty to give out any details at this present time. Take it easy.

Dan works real hard, so if you see him, give him a pat on the back and say, "good job!"

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