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Here are some patches to make existing unix programs less annoying.

I occasionally get annoyed enough with software that I use regularly that I actually bother fixing it. If I think it might be useful to others, I post it here. -- Jason Woofenden


rxvt is a nice terminal emulator for X11. It even obeys the xterm Xresources if you capitalize them just so.

I found it frustrating that I couldn't select text in the usual way in programs such as aptitude that grab mouse events, so here's a patch to disable mouse reporting in rxvt: http://jasonwoof.com/downloads/rxvt-disable-mouse-reporting.patch

Also, you can disable all the beeping by deleting most of the body of src_bell() in src/screen.c


xkobo is a great little game, but the source is very very old, and needs this little patch to compile with a recent compiler: http://jasonwoof.com/downloads/xkobo-1.11-jason.diff

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