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Jason's Programming Projects

Here's some free software projects he's (co)created:

HexBog is a little browser-based word game.

VoR is an exciting action game. (Done except for Mac build.)

wfpl is a well factored php library.

You can see his disorganized collection of source repositories here: https://jasonwoof.com/gitweb/

Inactive projects

Warning: this stuff is very old...

Jason's diffs is a collection of patches to make existing unix software less annoying.

Fronds is a forth-like system.

gforthcgi is a framework for doing web scripting in gforth instead of PHP, perl, etc..

anytocbpng is an image filter that gives you an idea of what red/green colorblind people see.

kestrelemu is an emulator for the kestrel

this wiki

xkoch generates very cool fractal imagery with a recursive replacement algorithm.

herkidentd.pl is a quick script that acts as an identd but always gives the same response.

See Also

Jason's Old Programming Projects

Jason's Fractal Generator (for Mac OS 8.6-9.x)

Jason Woofenden

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