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Juggling is Fun!

If you are at all interested in learning how to juggle, or looking to improve your skills, send me an email! I have a bunch of experience teaching people of all ages to toss balls (or rings or clubs!) in the air and then catch them. I believe that anyone who puts her or his mind to it can learn to juggle three balls. Most people can do much more than that if they try and practice a bit.

I have been the Juggling Instructor for Simply Circus, and I was Co-President of the UMass Amherst Juggling Club. I've got other circus skills (stilt-walking, globe walking, rola bola, basic acrobalance, unicycling) but juggling is my main passion. The only thing I like as much as juggling is teaching other people how to juggle!

I'm here to teach you the basics and get you going, and I'm here to teach you tricks once you have the basics down. So what are you waiting for? Contact Brett right away and learn the amazing and amazingly fun art of juggling!

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