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Oninoshiko (A Hettinger) is a System Administrator in Westmont, IL (near Chicago) who is developing a colorforth inspired FPGA processor (ONI100X1).

Oninoshiko likes to code in Chuck Moore's colorforth programming environment. Oninoshiko's work on a TCP/IPv4 stack, with a long term goal of building servers on this base platform is on hold.

Oninoshiko's background is heavy in computer networking, the GNU/Linux operating systems, as well as other assorted UNICIES and UNIX-like operating systems.

Oninoshiko keeps (or doesnt more often then not) a web-journal at http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=oninoshiko and can be commonly found on the colorforth channel.

Oninoshiko's Myers-Briggs personality type is (apparently) INTP

Oninoshiko's Element (in accordance with 9 Star Ki Astrology) is Water.

QUESTION for MR. O : What is Oninoshiko's deduction of the experiment at hand? - Byron Frayne & The Suckerpunch Peoples

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