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rockdodger is a simple 2d side scrolling game written by Paul Holt. I can't believe how much fun I've had with this game.

http://code.google.com/p/rockdodger/ I didn't like version 0.6 so much.

I recommend version 0.4.2, which you can download here:


VoR is a modified rockdodger by Jason Woofenden and Josh Grams. Or see below for some of our early modifications.

Here's a great patch by Josh Grams for rockdodger 0.4.2 that makes it display your score formatted nicely in minutes, seconds and tenths: http://jasonwoof.com/downloads/rd-0.4.2-josh.patch

To apply the patch, download it, cd to the directory where you have unpacked rockdodger (where you will find main.c) and:

$ patch -p1 < path/to/rd-0.4.2-josh.patch

Here's a silly patch which takes away friction (optionally) and changes the engine plumes graphically a bit:


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