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wfpl is a well factored PHP library. It is Free Software, released into the public domain / CC0.

It's alive!

Jason Woofenden uses wfpl for work, and adds to it, and tweaks it as necessary. Sometimes it doesn't get updated much, because it already does most of what he wants it to do.


wfpl has:

wfpl Template Engine

The wfpl template engine has the following features:

Jason Woofenden built this template engine from scratch (with a little help from Josh Grams) because he couldn't find any template engines he liked. If you are aware of a template engine that has _all_ the features above, please contact Jason Woofenden and tell him all about it.


Don't want to build a site from scratch?

Here's an example of a site built with WFPL. It has an admin interface where you can edit pages, upload images, etc: https://jasonwoof.com/gitweb/?p=wfpl-cms.git

Jason Woofenden usually starts new sites by clowning that.


wfpl requires only PHP 5.3 or greater.

Download or browse the source


The "snapshot" links above download the whole project.

Or you can use git:

git clone https://jasonwoof.com/git/wfpl.git

Give feedback

Contact Jason Woofenden if you have any comments, questions, patches, recommendations, additions, etc..

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