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The Accounts of Brett's Biking Escapades

Welcome to the place where I, Brett Constantine, document all of my crazy bike travels!

Summer 2010: Across the Country!

With my wife, Jenny Boas, I pedaled across the country in the summer of 2010. We rode a total of 4440 miles! Read all about it here: http://playalways.blogspot.com.

Summer 2007: East Coast Tour

I started June 25 in Northampton, Massachusetts, and I arrived July 14th, almost three weeks later in Wintson-Salem, North Carolina! I pedalled 1060 miles! Several of you guessed what my exact total would be.

http://tinyurl.com/2qp9os This is a map of my route, but I haven't put much time into it yet. Later I'll finish documenting my route.

I use a trailer attached to the rear of my bicycle to carry all my gear. My gear weighs in at about 33 pounds. With the trailer included, it's probably a load of 40-45 pounds.

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Stage I: Florence, MA ---> Salzburg, NY

Stage II: Salzburg, NY ---> Kingston, NY

Stage III: Kingston, NY ---> Middletown, NY

Stage IV: Middletown, NY ---> Walpack, NJ

Stage V: Walpack, NJ ---> Hulland, NJ

Stage VI: Hulland, NJ ---> Doylestown, PA

Stage VII: Doylestown, PA ---> West Chester, PA

Stage VIII: West Chester, PA ---> Wilmington, DE

Stage IX: Wilmington, DE ---> Gylndon, MD ' Updated with a link to photos 7/12

Stage X: Glyndon, MD ---> Silver Spring, MD

Day Off 1: Silver Spring, MD/Washington, D.C.

Stage XI: Silver Spring, MD ---> Manassas, VA (incomplete)

Stage XII: Manassas, VA ---> Southern Stafford County, VA (incomplete)

Stage XIII: Southern Stafford County, VA ---> Richmond, VA (incomplete)

Stage XIV: Richmond, VA ---> Blackstone, VA : Updated 7/10 by Jenny

Stage XV: Blackstone, VA ---> Some State Park near Middleburg, NC

Stage XVI: Nutbush State Park, NC ---> Durham, NC ' Updated 7/11

Day Off 2: Durham, NC: July 12th

Stage XVII: Durham, NC ---> Greensboro, NC : Updated 7/13

Stage XVIII: Greensboro, NC ---> Winston-Salem, NC ' Incomplete Update 7/14

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Summer 2004: Tour of the Northeast

Stage 1: To and from Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

Stage 2: The Greenfield Triathlon

Stage 3: To Walpole, New Hampshire

Stage 4: To Manchester, New Hampshire

Stage 5: To Byfield, Massachusetts

Stage 6: To Tamworth, New Hampshire

Stage 7: To Fryeburg, Maine

Stage 8: To Bustins Island

Stage 9: To Kittery, Maine

Stage 10: To Byfield, Massachusetts

Stage 11: To Lakeville, Massachusetts

Stage 12: To Brimfield, Massachusetts

Stage 13: Home to Northampton, Massachusetts

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Brett Constantine

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