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Here's how you make a link in this wiki:

You type <l (thats a lowercase ELL) then the wiki page name (or web address) then <>


A link to the Jason Woofenden page would lik this: <lJason Woofenden<>

A link to http://google.com/ would look like this: <lhttp://google.com/<>


If you're linking to a wiki page, capitalization does not matter. So use what every capitalization is appropriate in your sentence.

You can have punctuation in your links, but they might not behave as you expect:

All punctuation besides the apostrophy ('), space ( ), dash (-), and underscore (_) and period (.) are ignoreg completely. Also space, dash, apostrophy and underscore are not distinguished (ie they are interchangable as are say (a) and (A).) Periods (.) are treated as a unique character, as you might expect, except if they are at the begining of the name, in which case they are ignored completely.

The following link to the same page:

Make A Link



...Make a link*&^@#$%!

But these will go elsewhere:

make a link.



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